Azahares House


Yerba Buena, Tucumán, Argentina.

Was built in the gated Azahares neighbourhood, Yerba Buena (Tucumán, Argentina) The ground extends around 1000m2, with a steep 7m slope. The challenge was cherishing the views it grants. From inception, the project strived to make the most of those views in order to integrate its three levels. They are the answer to a wide range of necessities, while still creating flowing and interlocking spaces.

The first floor is the departure point for the stroll, the heart of this project. It invites to enter, in the Company of the contrast in the palette: wood, green and stone as a link.

An “infinite” space is perceived upon entering the house. Kitchen, dinning room and living room are assembled and connected, framed by floor-to-ceiling carpentry. It relates to the overflow space and links directly to the city. The most private area contains the bedrooms, in the upper floor. Characterised by formal simplicity and functionality, it resembles a white, tiny box placed on top of exposed concrete trays.

Lastly, the lower level includes garage and maintenance. It was conceived as a ground container, coated in stone as a heavy element for the house foundation. The volumes in “Casa Azahares” strive for impact, in sheer harmony with its surroundings.