Vilago House


Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, Argentina.

Situated in Vilago Country, this single family house is in the way to San Miguel de Tucumán city. Imagined as wide and open spaces, connected to nature to gather with family and friends alike. Entrance to the house is through an grand double hight access, executed in exposed concrete, only interrupted by a circle in one of its sides.

Once the grand door was left behind, we find ourselves at the entrance hall. The inner backyard brings everything together, thanks to the views. The heart of the house is in the lower level, consisting of the living and dinning room, with a 4m ceiling connected to the outside gallery by large glasses, towards the natural green around it.

The bedrooms are found in the upper level, synomyn to relaxation and privacy, for those moments when we need to detach from the day’s routine, or enjoy the first coffee in the morning.

Morphologically, it is identified by simple volumes, each distinguishable by its materials and colour. They create contrast while textures play with each other. Wood brings warmth to the front, made with vertical slats, generating a choreography of light and shadow which reflect life in the house.