Seminario House


Is located in the gated Seminario Suites neighbourhood, in Yerba Buena. The ground extends some 900m2, with a 7m steep slope. It was an invitation to maximise the views.

The idea was to link three levels, while creating flowing and interlocking spaces. The use of backyards, double hights, natural light input and the materials palette were Paramount in order to achieve the goal.

The middle floor is where the visit begins, at the West entrance, completely secluded and coated in wood from floor to ceiling. It welcomes guests as a home, enticing to enter to a space absolutely opened to the adjacent exterior. 

The children’s bedrooms are in the lower level, the most private one, along with the playroom and the cellar. These are containing spaces for the ground, coated in stone, drawing attention to the house foundation. Finally, the upper level, the lightest one, is the heart of the building. It has the best view, with the en-suite bedroom ending in a gym, on the rooftop.