Quintas House



200 m2

Tafí Viejo, Tucumán, Argentina.

Casa Quintas” is located in a gated neighbourhood in Tafí Viejo, a county close to San Miguel de Tucumán city, capital to Tucumán province. It was born from renouncing all prior concepts on how a tipycal suburban dwelling should be.

Based on what it used to be a tipycal yard house, there is a large central backyard along the whole plan. It links all sections, interacting with each one in different ways. The social area, which was planned as one big, fluid space, leads to the backyard. The private rooms open sutbly to it, enabling light and air to fill the space without jeopardizing privacy.

“Casa Quintas” harmoniously combines two materials with strong presence: ceramic brick and exposed concrete. The former is used in many ways, prioritizing the interaction in each volumen with natural light, to create a show of shadow and light during the day. The latter, usually mixed with brushed wooden panels, as main features in backyards and front, as well as inner backyard. A large, concrete beam  holds the house front on the corner.

At night, lightning is paramount to incite sensations. On one hand, bricks trick the lights into shadows. On the other hand, a series of spotlights hidden in a breast wall shed light on the three brick blocks, bottom to top.