Negra House


Yerba Buena, Tucumán, Argentina.

Is in Jockey Country Club, Yerba Buena (Tucumán, Argentina) It faces North-South, conceived to generate wide and open spaces, connected to the natural surroundings. It is designed for family gatherings and meeting friends. The tour starts on the welcoming greenery, inviting to go through the outstanding, wooden access towards a towering hall. The double height dinning and living room is the heart of the house in the lower level. Large glass surfaces connect it to the natural green area.

Black Marquina marble panels can be seen inside, providing elegance along with ever present wood.

The upper leve is synonym to relax and privacy. Bedrooms are found here, whose overflow allow meditation and contemplation.

It is formally characterised by simple volumes, each distinctive in materials and colour, provinding contrast and textures at play. Warmth is added by wood, used at the front as vertical slants. The choreography of light and shadow reflect life inside the house. Nero Neoolith gives the whole a unique touch as coting.