DÚO TOWER| Urban space is a story apartment building, situated in a relevant corner of Tucumán city (Mate de Luna and Thames) The area is buzzling in real state developments.


The building was conceived as a two – faced unit, which translate as to distinctive wings, separated by a grand central outdoor patio. The North wing offers apartments for investors interested in leasing, whereas the South wing provides apartments to the final user.

The concept of an urban space is not hazardous. This building mixes well differentiated uses, willing to offer its inhabitants the options they search for according to their lifestyle. It has four parking levels (one underground and three on upper levels). On the ground floor, there is a monumental scale hall and a mini mall, which leads to Mate de Luna Avenue. There are also an outdoor gym on the fourth floor and two rooftops with swimming pool, a spa-like solarium and a community hall.

As far as materials are concerned, Duo is a combination of exposed concrete and wood with industrial materials, such as micro perforated sheet iron somehow wrapping the first four floors. It results in a sort of quadruple height. The main body of the building has a neutral aspect, with concrete beams and cavities that create light and shadow over the facade.

The crowning works as a concrete box closing the building and imprinting its scale on the city. It serves as a viewpoint to the city, on one side, and to the hill, on the other.