Clouds House



400 m2

Tafí del Valle, Tucumán, Argentina.

Located in a recently developed area in Las Nubes, entering Tafí del Valle, Tucumán province (Argentina). Standing on 6000m2 grounds in the center of the valley, shielded by the mountains. It has outstanding views to Mollar and Dique La Angostura towns. Tafí del Valle village can be seen from the north windows. Vastness is witnessed as night covers the valley. The owner’s original idea was a weekend home in an industrial warehouse sheltered among the mountains.

The key to its design came from the old English barns, both inside and out, to give the house a resemblance of a former productive use.

The house features two side wings, devoted to the private area with bedrooms. These are connected by the main area, with social purposes. Spread along the dam, the house offers the finest viewpoints towards this postcard-like landscape. The main space is an integrated lounge and kitchen, provided with zenith lighting which turn it into a cozy place to chill out.

The actual construction was carefully considered from the start, since the warehouse had to be built in non-traditional ways in an area with no skilled workforce. It entailed a double challenge. It was necessary to resort to heavy duty carpentry for the windows, ensuring the views. The house was made of exposed reinforced concrete, 50 mm “classwall” panels ( k=0.36). The location’s extreme temperatures demanded use of self-supporting panels of sheet iron, insulated with polyurethane.

“Casa Nubes” abandones the usual construction style in its location, while respecting its natural environment. The site and building speak for themselves.